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Individually Handcrafted

Each piece is individually hand fabricated, resulting in quality that lasts, crisp details, and rich textures from the marks of making. 


Made with sustainable and ethically sourced solid metals and gemstones, for the earth and your peace of mind.

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Rivet Collection

Architectural and Contemporary, this collection gently captures pearls and gems in unique hand-forged riveted settings.

Carved Ebony Circle Necklace with White Pearls and 14K Gold

Ebony and Mixed Metals

Hand Carved Ebony Wood and Mixed Metals Jewelry

18K, 14K and Silver

One of a Kind

Trio of Gold Honeycomb Necklaces with Sapphire Diamond and Ruby.jpeg

Solid Silver and Gold

Hexagon Designs with and without gemstones.  Handmade Chain, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings


Halo Collection

Gemstones Suspended Mid-Air

14K Gold, 18K Gold and Argentium Silver


Solid Silver and Gold Basics

Minimal geometric designs great for everyday and layering

Handmade Chain Bracelets in Argentium Silver.jpg

Handmade Chain

One of a Kind Handmade Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

14K Garnet and Ruby Iris Necklaces.jpg

Note Collection

Minimal Tension Set Designs Hand-Forged and Fabricated

14K Gold or Argentium Silver

Dot Chain and Rivet Earrings.jpeg

Chain and Rivet

Kinetic Handmade Chain Links set with sparkly gems, lustrous pearls and hand-forged rivets.

Iris Studs Aquamarine.jpg


Earrings always fit!  These Iris studs are a popular choice with people of all ages.  Available in a variety of gemstones and sizes, as well as silver and gold.

Opal and 14k Iris Necklaces and Stud Earrings.jpeg
Pink Tourmaline Iris Studs 14K






Rough Luxe Black Diamond Rings and Flower Hex Bracelet.jpg


14K Hex Dot Stud earrings with Hammer Texture.jpg
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