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Gorgeous Necklace!

I've been wearing it since I got it - it's the perfect length, a unique piece, and so lightweight I forget it's there. I've received several compliments from coworkers who noticed it on Zoom calls too already!

Jeanne G.      Iris Halo Necklace with Sapphire


I LOVE my earrings and necklace!!

I received these ruby earrings (Pluto Post Earrings) and lavender pearl pendant (Orbit Necklace) in October 2019 and have happily worn them most days for the following 6 months. They are my favorite adornments that look good with everyday casual wear and lend sparkle without ostentation to dressier clothing. I receive so many compliments that they make me feel special. Ordering from the website was straight forward with reassuring immediate acknowledgment and prompt shipment.

Jean C.    Pluto Post Earrings with Rubies and the Orbit Necklace with Pearls



Love them!  They're perfect, just the right size for everyday.  I wear them all the time and get comments on them.

Eileen W.    Iris Studs, Small with Rubies



I had Lola custom make these in 18K gold with green hued Tahitian pearls, and I love them!  They're just the right proportions for me.  I love the architectural design, the buttery finish with the subtle variations in texture, and the contrast of the rich black pearls.  I have many pieces from her, they're all very comfortable and beautifully crafted.

Suria Y.     Custom Iris Bud Drops in 18K Yellow Gold with Tahitian Pearls

Embark Necklace with 2 8mm White AAA Fre

My birthday necklace!

Thanks for making such a beautiful necklace for me.  It means a lot to me to be wearing a piece of your artwork.  It's a treasure.

Colleen S.     Embark Necklace with 8mm Pearls

Bond Necklace with Brushed Finish and 2

Interesting heart shape, dainty.

Rodna B.   Bond Necklace with Rubies


I LOVE it!

This was the perfect gift!  I wear it all the time, it's just the right length for me, and I love all the details on the handmade chain and the rich ocean hued blue zircon!  The toggle clasp is easy to use, plus it's great that it won't tarnish.  I've been wearing it for months now, and it looks just as bright as the first day!

Rosalia     One of a Kind Blue Zircon Hammered Disc Necklace

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