One of a Kind Triple Layered Flower Hex Necklace with 14K accents and a 2mm Ethically Sourced Champagne Diamond.  This hand fabricated necklace has a 3 layer centerpiece, creating extra dimension and interest.  In the center is a small yet very sparkly champagne diamond set in solid 14K gold.  Each flower link is comprised of individually fused and formed hexagons, with a solid 14K Gold dot fused to the center.


Fusing is the process where I melt the metal just enough so the surface melts just enough to bond parts together creating a very clean and strong bond without the use of any solder.  This also makes a subtle molten metal texture, that I hand sand with a shimmery matte finish which shows off the forms and angles of the piece, and also resists fingerprints and tarnish.


Materials and Dimensions:

Solid Argentium Silver (naturally tarnish resistant alloy of silver)

Solid 14K Gold

Natural and Ethically Sourced 2mm Champagne Diamond (brilliant cut)

Adjustable between 18", 19" and 20"  if you'd like it shortened please leave a comment


Diamond and Mixed Metal Flower Hex Necklace with 14K Accents